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Mon, November 8, 2010 6:10:06 PM

November Newsletter
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November 2010         

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter:

This monthly news letter is an effort to inform inspectors and agents as well as buyers on how to protect yourself, find security, and protect your investments, as well as, be an informative agent and inspector for the client.  These monthly editions will have everything from how to protect your investment in real estate, after you purchase it, to how to identify particular problems, and inform agents and buyers of evident problems they can look for before selling a home.  Our committment as inspectors is to serve the real estate industry as a whole as well as provide the client with all necessary information about a property they are interested in purchasing.  We hope you will enjoy the newsletter.  It is designed to be short, informative and helpful.

Looking Down the Line

What is in store for the real estate community in the future in regards to regulations and inspections?  Let take a look at one thing that seems to be raising its head in the minds of our government officials.  Several states are passing new regulations require methamphetamine inspections. Even the federal government is establishing testing standards.  The EPA has been mandated by HR 365 to provide a practical testing standard that is consistent for all houses that require remediation of meth residue before they can be sold.

Five Free Pre-Market Inspections for Two Real Estate Offices? 

An idea that has been tossed around for years, and not without just cause, is the idea of Brokers and Listing Agents having their new listing inspected before putting them on the market.  This allows clients to make repairs before the house is actually visited.  This can save a lot of frustration to buyer and seller alike.  The bottom line is that it will improve your clients profit on the sale and the agents profit on the sale.  It will reduce the buyers negotiating power in the sale.  It is an idea that I believe in myself.  However, it is always hard to convince a broker/agent or someone who is selling their home to pay for a home inspection before a home sells. So, the idea is never really tested in large part.  I would like to find a couple of brokerages to do a large enough number of pre-market inspections to be able to make a determination for themselves.  I will even help you to find out at no cost to you.  I dont want to be overwhelmed with this experiment either, so I am offering the first two brokers to call and work out an arrangement to list 5 new listings for free pre-market inspections.  The inspections will be performed at no fee by Axiom Property Inspections.  You will recieve a complete digital inspection report with photos, just like a client recieves when paying for an inspection.  I will also give you paper copies to share with other agents in the office.  This will only work if the seller is willing to make the improvements before the sell. 

Is your house really locked? Take a look at this!

How long would it take to break into your home?  Do you have a garage door?  Watch this video clip to see how quickly access can be gained into your home.

Note:  Take the time to tie down your trip lever for manual opening with a plastic zip tie to prevent someone accessing your garage.  It is the little lever you see move when you pull down on the manual release rope.

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Usual Encounters:


This water heater looks innocent enough but lets discuss the issues for an inspector.  First off, the vent pipe on the unit is made out of single wall dryer duct (a serious fire hazzard).  Second, look at the TPR value and line on the upper right part of the enclosure.  The drain line drops down lower then the point of exit for the line causing a water trap in the line.  If water set in this trap for a period of time the valve can corrode and freeze shut causing an explosion possibity during malfunction.  Water heater explosion are devastating.  Also, there are two other problem that you can't see in this photo:  One, the cumbustion chanber view glass is broken, and two, the drain valve is leaking.  Southwest Gas will not approve without the site glass repaired and the vent pipe replaced with proper double wall vent.  This heater also has no strapping.  It was not required at the time of installation.

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