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March 2011 Edition    

Looking into the Pex Plumbing Problems in Las Vegas

There is a lot of concern about Kitec plumbing systems in Las Vegas.  The truth is there are quite a few brands that have fitting problems.  I have listed some links that will fill you in on some of the other brands with problems.  Kitec was just the big one.  If you are looking for a list of Kitec and PlumBetter communities that were involved in the Class Action lawsuit go to the first link listed below:

Kitec Plumbing Communities:

Contractors who installed or contracted to have Kitec systems installed:

Other brands with ligitation, pending litigation, or other problems include:  RTI Uponor, Zurn and Wirsbo

The website for Zurn litigation information is:

Information in regards to the Wirsbo/Uponor system failure is located at:

The website for pending RTI litigation information or to file a complaint is:

Remember, the problem with the systems are the fittings and not the actual PEX piping.  PEX piping has been used for decades in Europe.  It wasn't until it was utilized in the US and Canada with different fittings that the problems surfaced.  Even the plastic fittings have problems when not installed correctly.  Checking out the stampings on the metal fittings will answer the question about the systems integrity, if you can get to a fitting to examine it.  Often times it is difficult to find a fitting in a position that allows you to read it.  The question still remains, "Will the new replacement fittings hold up long term or not"?  So, just because there is not a stamped fitting does not necessarily mean there will not be a problem later down the line.  I certainly hope they have used suitable replacement fittings on all of the new Pex systems.  I have not heard of problems with any of them.

Chinese Drywall in Nevada?

You might not think that Chinese drywall was used in Nevada, but, it was definitely used here.  During the drywall shortage that occurred during the Katrina crisis there was lots of Chinese drywall shipped to the US.  While most of the use occurred in Florida and states in the southern region, records indicate that Nevada was on the recieving end of some of those shipments. 

Chinese drywall has a sulfur content that off-gases in the house after installation.  One of the first signs of Chinese drywall is a strong sulfur smell, similar to the smell of rotten eggs.  A constant rotten egg smell in your home could be an indication that you are a victim. The opposite side of the equation is that your home does not have to have the smell of rotten eggs to have Chinese drywall.  Yes, I know, confusing isn't it.  Other signs of Chinese drywall being present are exhibited by some of the following situations.  Anything that has decorative fittings such as metal faucets, drains, picture frames, mirrors, jewelry, etc., should be checked for pitting, dark spots or discoloration.  Also, tarnished copper can be a good indicator of Chinese drywall presence in your home.  Copper pipes, A/C evaporator coils,  water heater plumbing and pipe stubs from the walls to the faucets will discolor and become dark and appear as if covered with soot.   Continuously failing appliances can also be an indication as they all contain copper in the windings and in the evaporator coil in the units.  If you have new appliances continually failing be sure to check out other copper connections in your home to determine if maybe you have discoloration on them.  Another thing you can do is take off a receptacle cover and check the wiring for discoloration (be careful not to touch anything in the receptacle).  There is also the belief that the off-gasing is leading to health defects, as well.  Only time is going to answer the health issue question in regard to Chinese drywall as there is no definitive proof yet. 

Should you have concerns that you might have Chinese drywall problems you can purchase a home test kit at the following website address:   (This is not an endorsement of their product, only information on where to locate a test kit.)

Your Oven Vent

Open the cabinet doors over your cook top or microwave if it is located over the cook top.  Do you see a metal vent pipe in the cabinet?  If you do this mean your stove vents directly into the outdoors.  If you can see one you are saving money.  If you do not see a metal vent pipe then you have a recirculating vent system with a charcoal filter and should be replacing it monthly.  While this is not a bad thing it does mean that you have monthly maintenance to do on your vent. Charcoal filters in vents are only good for one month.  After a month the charcoal in the filter looses it's effectiveness.  While the fan runs when you turn on the unit and air is circulating through the filter, the charcoal filter is no longer  purifying the air.  It is only moving dirty air through a ineffective charcoal filter.  These filters run around $15.00 to $40.00 each to replace.  A direct vent does not have a filter to change.  It simply blows the smokey, greasy air outside (unfiltered).  See how the direct vent saves you money on filters?






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Hello, I am David Lawson, owner of Axiom Property Inspections.  Spring will be here soon.  We all love spring, especially in the Real Estate industry.  Spring time always bring a breath of fresh air to home sales.  Whether it is investors, first time home buyers or just the family moving to a new location, spring time brings them out.

March is going to be a stellar month for us all.  Be peaceful and relaxed and let your work be a joy for you each day.  Life is too short to let petty matters ruin the little time we have on this earth. 

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Cucumber Dill Dip (makes 2 1/2 cups)Ingredients:





1 - 8 oz.package of light cream chesse softened

1 cup mayonaise

2 medium cucumbers, peeled, seeded and chopped

2 Tablespoons of sliced green onions or chives

1 Tablespoon of lemon juice

2 teaspoons snipped freshh dill or 1/2 teaspoon dried dill seed

1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce (your choice)

In medium bowl beat cream cheese until it is smooth.  Stir in the other indredients.  Cover and chill.  Serve with fresh veggies, crackers or your favorite chips.












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